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5 Star Hotels   5-star Hotels
Barcelo Royal Beach Hotel (Sunny Beach)
BlackSeaRama Golf and Villas (Balchik)
Cabacum Beach Residence (Golden Sands)
Dallas Residence Hotel (Varna)
Doubletree by Hilton Varna Golden Sands Hotel (Golden Sands)
Emerald Beach Resort and Spa Hotel (Ravda)
Flamingo Grand Hotel (Albena)
Garden of Eden Hotel Complex (Sveti Vlas)
Graffit Gallery Hotel (Varna)
Grand Hotel Dimyat (Varna)
Grand Hotel International (Golden Sands)
Grand Hotel Primoretz (Burgas)
Grand Hotel Primorsko (Primorsko)
Grand Hotel Varna (Constantine and Helena)
Helena Park Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Helena Sands Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Hotel Palace Marina Dinevi (Sveti Vlas)
Kaliakria Resort Hotel (Balchik)
Lighthouse Golf Resort and Spa Hotel (Balchik)
Marina Grand Beach Hotel (Golden Sands)
Melia Grand Hotel Hermitage (Golden Sands)
Musala Palace Hotel (Varna)
Planeta Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Riviera Beach Hotel (Riviera Complex)
Sol Nessebar Palace Hotel (Nesebar)
Victoria Palace Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Villa Bagheera Emerald Beach Resort &Spa (Ravda)
Villa Maria Revas (Sunny Beach)

4 Star Hotels   4-star Hotels
Alba Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Apart Hotel Ofir (Sozopol)
Arabella Beach Hotel (Albena)
Arena Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Arkutino Family Resort (Dyuni)
Arsena Hotel (Nesebar)
Astera Hotel & Casino (Golden Sands)
Atlas Hotel (Golden Sands)
Azalia Hotel & Spa (Constantine and Helena)
Barco Del Sol Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Belleville Hotel (Dyuni)
Berlin Golden Beach Hotel (Golden Sands)
Bourgas Beach Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Boutique Spa Hotel Orchidea (Golden Sands)
Briz Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Bulgaria Hotel (Burgas)
Burgas Hotel (Burgas)
Calypso Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Capitol Hotel (Varna)
Chaika Beach Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Diamond Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Divesta Hotel (Varna)
Dobrudja Hotel (Albena)
Dolce Vita Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Dolphin Marina Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Etara Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Fenix Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Fiesta M Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Flamingo Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Flora Hotel - Bulsun Complex (Sunny Beach)
Forum Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Gergana Park Hotel (Albena)
Glarus Hotel (Golden Sands)
Golden Tulip Hotel (Varna)
Grand Resort Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Grand Victoria Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Grifid Arabella Hotel (Golden Sands)
Grifid Bolero Hotel (Golden Sands)
Hotel Perla Beach I (Primorsko)
Hotel Sandy Beach (Albena)
Hotels Holiday Village (Dyuni)
Iberostar Festa Panorama Hotel (Nesebar)
Iberostar Sunny Beach Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Imperial Hotel (Riviera Complex)
Imperial Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Ivana Palace Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Jeravi Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Jupiter Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Kaliakra Hotel (Albena)
Kaliakra Palace Hotel (Golden Sands)
Kavkaz Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Kiten Beach Hotel (Kiten)
Kristal Hotel (Golden Sands)
Laguna Beach Hotel (Albena)
Laguna Garden Hotel (Albena)
Laguna Park Hotel - All Inclusive (Sunny Beach)
Les Magnolias Hotel Complex (Primorsko)
Lilia Hotel (Golden Sands)
Lion Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Lotos Hotel (Riviera Complex)
Luca Helios Beach Hotel (Obzor)
Lucky Beach Apartments (Sozopol)
Magnolia Hotel (Albena)
Malibu Hotel (Albena)
Marieta Hotel (Nesebar)
Marina Palace Hotel (Nesebar)
Martinez Hotel (Sozopol)
Mimoza Hotel (Golden Sands)
Mirage Hotel (Burgas)
Modus Hotel (Varna)
Monastery Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Neptun Beach Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Nessebar Royal Palace (Nesebar)
Nobel Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Obzor Beach Resort Hotel (Obzor)
Odessos Park Hotel (Golden Sands)
Otdih Hotel (Kavarna)
Panorama Hotel (Varna)
Paradise Beach Complex (Sveti Vlas)
Paradise Green Park (Golden Sands)
Parkhotel Golden Beach - All inclusive (Golden Sands)
Pelican Hotel (Dyuni)
Perla Sun Park Hotel (Primorsko)
Plamena Palace Hotel (Primorsko)
Primasol Ralitsa Superior Hotel (Albena)
PrimaSol Sineva Beach Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Primasol Strandja Hotel (Sunny Beach)
PrimaSol Sunlight Sunrise Hotel (Golden Sands)
Ritza Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Riviera Blue Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Rodopi Hotel - Bulsun Complex (Sunny Beach)
Romance Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Royal Hotel (Golden Sands)
Rubin Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Saint George Palace Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Santa Marina Residential Village (Sozopol)
Sol Luna Bay Hotel (Obzor)
Sol Nessebar Bay And Mare Hotel (Nesebar)
South Beach Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Splendid Hotel (Varna)
St. Elena Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Sunrise Villas (Sunny Beach)
Sunshine Club Magnolia & SPA (Golden Sands)
The Cliff Beach & Spa Resort All Inclusive Light (Obzor)
Thracian Cliffs Golf Resort and Spa (Kavarna)
Topola Skies Golf and Spa Resort (Kavarna)
Trakia Plaza Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Vigo Hotel (Nesebar)
Villa Aqua (Golden Sands)
Viva Club Hotel (Golden Sands)
Wela Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Zvete Hotel - Bulsun Complex (Sunny Beach)

3 Star Hotels   3-star Hotels
.Com Hotel (Albena)
Agata Beach Boutique Hotel (Ahtopol)
Alekta Hotel (Varna)
Alex Beach (Sveti Vlas)
Altea Hotel (Albena)
Amelia Hotel (Albena)
Amphora Palace Aparthotel (Golden Sands)
Aphrodite Beach Hotel (Nesebar)
Apolonia Hotel (Sozopol)
Aqua Hotel (Varna)
Aqua Hotel (Burgas)
Aquarelle Hotel (Golden Sands)
Arcadia Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Art Hotel (Varna)
Asti Arthotel (Sinemorets)
Atlant Hotel (Varna)
Augusta Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Bahami Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Bellevue Hotel (Golden Sands)
Best Western Park Hotel (Varna)
Best Western Prima Hotel (Varna)
Blue Sky Hotel (Golden Sands)
Bohemi Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Bonita Hotel (Golden Sands)
Bora Bora Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Borjana Hotel (Albena)
Briz 2 Hotel (Varna)
Briz Hotel (Sozopol)
California Hotel (Burgas)
Capri Hotel (Nesebar)
Carina Beach Aparthotel (Sunny Beach)
Cherno More Hotel (Varna)
Cherno More Hotel (Sveti Vlas)
Chiplakoff Hotel (Burgas)
Chuchulev Hotel (Sozopol)
Coral Hotel (Obzor)
Costa Bulgara Mediterranean Club (Chernomorets)
Crown Fort Noks Club (Sveti Vlas)
Del Mar Hotel (Nesebar)
Design Hotel Logatero (Sozopol)
Detelina Hotel (Golden Sands)
Diamanti Hotel (Sozopol)
Dionis Hotel (Varna)
Dobrotitsa Hotel (Albena)
Dorostor Hotel (Albena)
Dreamland Apartments (Sozopol)
Dreams Black Sea Hotel (Nesebar)
Duchess Hotel (Varna)
Elit 1 Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Elit Hotel (Balchik)
Elitsa Hotel (Albena)
Eskada Beach Hotel (Ahtopol)
Excelsior Hotel (Golden Sands)
Family Hotel Elena (Sozopol)
Fresh Hotel (Ravda)
Galeria Hotel (Obzor)
Gradina Hotel (Golden Sands)
Green Hills Hotel (Sozopol)
Guesthouse Extasy (Primorsko)
Helena 2 Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Hi Hotel (Varna)
Holiday Fort Club Apartments (Nesebar)
Hotel Albicia (Varna)
Hotel Avenue (Kiten)
Hotel Eos (Kiten)
Hotel Fjord (Sozopol)
Hotel Focus (Varna)
Hotel Garden Beach (Sozopol)
Hotel Muzite (The Muses) (Sozopol)
Hotel Rino (Constantine and Helena)
Hotel Venecia (Primorsko)
House Diona (Sozopol)
Imperial Fort Club Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Interhotel Cherno More (Varna)
Italia Hotel (Nesebar)
Julia Family Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Kaliopa Hotel (Albena)
Kalofer Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Kamenets Hotel (Kiten)
Kandrovi Hotel (Sozopol)
Kini Park Hotel (Golden Sands)
Kirios Hotel (Nesebar)
Klisura Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Kompas Hotel (Albena)
Koral Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Kotva Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Kristel Park Hotel (Kranevo)
Laguna Mare Hotel (Albena)
Lotos Hotel (Kiten)
Lotus Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Luxor Hotel (Burgas)
Madara Park Hotel (Golden Sands)
Marina City Hotel (Balchik)
Mariner Aparthotel (Sunny Beach)
Melsa Coop SPA Hotel (Nesebar)
Messambria Apartments (Sveti Vlas)
Messambria Fort Noks Beach Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Milennia Aparthotel (Sunny Beach)
More Hotel (Sozopol)
Motivi Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Mura Hotel (Albena)
Nadia Hotel (Primorsko)
Nona Hotel (Albena)
Oasis Hotel (Albena)
Oceanic Hotel (Varna)
Onyx Hotel (Kiten)
Orbita Hotel (Varna)
Orhidea Hotel (Albena)
Palm Marina Apartment Complex (Ravda)
Panorama Hotel (Albena)
Panorama Hotel (Constantine and Helena)
Paradise View Aparthotel (Sozopol)
Paris Hotel (Balchik)
Park Hotel Persey (Varna)
Perfect Hotel (Varna)
Perla Hotel (Golden Sands)
Plaza Hotel (Burgas)
PMG Laguna Apartments (Sunny Beach)
PMG Nessebar Fort Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Pomorie Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Prestige City Hotel (Primorsko)
Prince Cyril Hotel (Nesebar)
Privilege Fort Apartments (Sveti Vlas)
Rainbow 2 Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Rainbow Aparthotel (Sunny Beach)
Ralitsa Hotel (Albena)
Regatta Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Relax Holiday Complex & Spa (Sunny Beach)
Relax Hotel (Sozopol)
Rilena Hotel (Kiten)
Riviera Fort Beach Apartments (Ravda)
Royal Beach Hotel (Golden Sands)
Rutland Beach Aparthotel (Ravda)
Sea Grace Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Sea Horse Hotel (Burgas)
Sea Park Homes Neshkov (Varna)
Seagull Hotel (Nesebar)
Selena Hotel (Sozopol)
Selena Hotel (Balchik)
Serdika Hotel (Golden Sands)
Silver Springs Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Sirena Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Sirena Hotel (Kranevo)
Slavuna Hotel (Albena)
Solaris Hotel (Varna)
Sozopol Dreams Apartments (Sozopol)
St. Stefan Hotel (Primorsko)
Stankoff Hotel (Nesebar)
Strandzha Hotel (Golden Sands)
Sun City Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Sun City I Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Sunny Bay Aparthotel (Sunny Beach)
Sunny Day Club Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Sunny Paradise Hotel (Kiten)
Sunny Varshava Hotel (Golden Sands)
Sunny View North Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Sunrise Hotel (Primorsko)
Sveti Dimitar Hotel (Primorsko)
Sveti Stefan Hotel (Nesebar)
Tia Maria Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Tintyava Hotel (Golden Sands)
Trakia Garden Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Trinity Sea Residence (Nesebar)
Tropics Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Valeo Hotel (Balchik)
Veris Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Verona Hotel (Sozopol)
Victoria Hotel (Nesebar)
Victoria Hotel (Varna)
Villa Albatros (Constantine and Helena)
Villas Holidays (Primorsko)
Vita Park Hotel (Albena)
Viva Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Watermill Apartments (Sveti Vlas)
Yassen Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Zafo Hotel (Sinemorets)
Zora Hotel (Sunny Beach)

2 Star Hotels   2-star Hotels
Ariana Hotel (Kiten)
Aura Family Hotel (Ravda)
Balchik Hotel (Balchik)
Biser Hotel (Primorsko)
Bisser Hotel (Balchik)
Classic Boutique Hotel (Varna)
Dirossi Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Enigma Hotel (Balchik)
Family Hotel Perla (Sveti Vlas)
Fotinov Guest House (Burgas)
Friends Family Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Horizont Hotel (Golden Sands)
Horizont Hotel Complex (Balchik)
Hotel & Restaurant Alex (Balchik)
Hotel Diana (Albena)
Hotel Hit (Kiten)
Irish Rover Hotel (Balchik)
Ivy Hotel (Ravda)
Jotina Guest House (Albena)
July Morning Seaside Resort (Kavarna)
Kamelia Hotel (Albena)
Largo Hotel (Sunny Beach)
Magic Palm Hotel (Ravda)
Margarita Hotel (Varna)
Orion Hotel (Sozopol)
Perounika Hotel (Golden Sands)
Poseidon Hotel (Golden Sands)
Rila & Vitosha Beach Resort (Sunny Beach)
Rila Hotel (Kranevo)
San Susi Hotel (Chernomorets)
Temenuga Guest House (Sunny Beach)
Varly Briag Hostel (Burgas)
Villa's Hotel (Sozopol)

1 Star Hotels   1-star Hotels
Step Hotel (Sunny Beach)

0 Star Hotels   0-star Hotels
Apartments Robinson Beach Complex (Sveti Vlas)
Apollon Plus Holiday Apartments (Nesebar)
Marack Apartments (Sunny Beach)
Royal Bay Residence and Spa (Sveti Vlas)
Sea Paradise Apartment Complex (Balchik)
Snejanka Guest House (Albena)
Varna Flat Apartment (Varna)
Villa Allegra (Kavarna)

Modus Hotel

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Hotel / Accommodation Information:
Location: Varna
Location The hotel is situated in the heart of Varna, right next to the entrance of the Sea Garden.

Accommodation: The hotel has 29 rooms and 6 apartments

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Room Facilities:
Air Conditioner Room Service Satellite TV Telephone
Hotel Facilities:
Conference Hall Fax and E-mail Services Fitness Center Internet Laundry Parking Sauna Snack Bar
24 hour reception, bistro, room service, conference room, fitness, sauna, Internet terminal, parking (availability permitting) - 10BGN/24 hours, non smoking rooms (availability permitting), twin bedded rooms (availability permitting), rooms with extra long beds (availability permitting), room for disabled, high speed wireless and LAN internet, same day laundry and dry cleaning, pressing , business services, hotel cosmetics by L`Occitane.
Best Varna Hotels - Modus Hotel Best Varna Hotels - Modus Hotel Best Varna Hotels - Modus Hotel

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